Hidden behind an unprepossessing red door in Blackrock is a tiny oasis of security, calm and comfort.
Renata is a therapist of many years experience. Always keen to learn she has mastered a range of different massage techniques and acquired many new skills on her journey.
Renata treats each client with dignity and intuitive understanding. I came to her recently widowed and feeling raw and vulnerable. Having searched for years for a truly expert practitioner I cannot believe my good fortune to now be one of Renata’s regular clients.

I recently got a deal for a massage here as it’s been very busy at work and my very-busy posture is atrocious so my shoulders were feeling tense and uncomfortable.
So in I went and the music was very soothing to start but within 30 seconds of starting on my legs, Renata asked me if my knees were sore. They had been for the previous two weeks but I’d put that down to overdoing it in the gym. But she diagnosed the tight iliotibial band in my thigh and explained why that had been making my knees sore. She said that she would continue on the massage but would help to loosen the ligament at the end, if I so wished (she said it would be sore initially).
The massage itself was very soothing and my back and shoulders felt brand new afterwards.
As for my legs, I left there without pain in my knees for the first time in two weeks and armed with the knowledge of how to prevent it happening in future. You see not only is she a qualified massage therapist but I also noticed a diploma in anatomy and physiology on the wall so she has a better knowledge of how muscles, ligaments etc interact and can explain not only why you might need the massage but the cause of the why as well and the how to fix it. I may have had a deal bring me there in the first place but I’m booking myself in again next week. I suggest you do too!
Brian M
Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Not one for getting massage but received a voucher for a birthday present shortly after moving into the area said what the hell might as well use it.
omg i felt a million dollars after it fancy been pampered give it ago you wont regret it 5 stars
Sean D
Monkstown, Republic of Ireland